Yeah, well, why not, right?

If you look over to your left(<—-that way) you’ll see the new options for enjoying (?) 24HourPartyPooper. I don’t use any feeds in my own life or have any active email subscriptions to websites but a lot of folks do and part of the idea of writing this is that it will be read so why not make it as widely available as possible, right? And about that last point, yes, of course, I want this to be read. If I didn’t I could just lay on the floor and think about Rock-n-Roll and Greg Ginn and mashups and the state of everything without going through all the work of writing, editing and all that junk.

Don’t be fooled, people, people who write want to be read. At least anyone who publishes anything. When people say they don’t care if people read their work or not it’s a big fat lie. Now, on the other hand, if one says they don’t care what anyone thinks about their work, well, then, that could be entirely true but, in my experience it seldom is. Writers tend to be precious little people about their work and won’t admit it when they called a wrong shot or have published something that is really just crap. I don’t know very much about the world of fiction & poetry writers but, good golly miss molly, music writers have got chips stacked on both shoulders. It’s like “You should listen to me because I know more than you and, as such, I’m a better music hearer than you!”. Which is, of course, crap. The worst kind, though, isn’t even the snobby, expert, oh-what-you’ve-never-heard-this Jeff-Mangum-bootleg before?-type. The worst, and I mean like a plague, are the fan-boy “critics” who gush and preen and make nice for every ding-dong publicist and intern willing to mail them 2-song CDs and email them “exclusive” news. Good news is, though, that these types are pretty obvious and can be ignored by default. In the end, though, the psychological state of “You’re wrong! Please love me!” of so many music writers is probably due the fact that most were probably bullied something horrific early in life and the necessary subsequent escape into something has yielded them a self-professed expert on whatever knick-knacks they wound up hiding in. Yeah, that’s a cliché and stereotype, but stereotypes and clichés are all based in fact somewhere so there you go.

So, yeah, if you’re a gadget hound and wanna subscribe, please do so. You can even do the simple email subscription and as long as the caffeine holds out I’ll flood your in-box with all sorts of observations from the incredibly wise to the stupidly goofball and mundane.

The ball is in your court.

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