Of Man & Hamburger

Two relatively high profile shows hit Athens this week and I caught both. Neil Hamburger did a hilarious, and at times genuinely offensive, show at Tasty World and, with the exception of having to sit through his shtick laden, horrific opener Dr. El Suavo, it was a good time.

(The two, seriously only two, expression of Neil Hamburger!)

(L: Team Clermont‘s Lucas
keeps his chin from falling off
during Hamburgers set.
R: Dr. El Suavo fails to impress
with his straight jacket act.)

Last night, though, Philadelphia’s Man Man played the 40 Watt. I saw them about 3 years ago in the same place and I went back to see if anything was better about them. Nope. Not a damn thing. Except they’re pretty popular now. I have no idea what the attraction is but Man Man is like a hippie drum circle, New Orleans funeral march and a Tom Waits record all going on at the same time. A friend of mine commented to me, “At least they’re entertaining!”.

Yeah, so is a flea circus.

(Blue Man Man & Red Man Man. Both taste the same.)

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