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The promised post on Battles will hit here in 24 hours or so. It may look like I’m avoiding posting or just being lazy but what I’m trying to do with 24 Hour Party Pooper is have it be content rich without relying on weak content. That is, I want it to be more than simply a news leak or a place to find tour dates. There’s plenty of places you can do that already (and some are very good at it) and I’m not interested in having this place look or read like that. It may be a fool’s errand but I’m trying to have more thoughtfulness than hype on here.

That said, please enjoy these totally HYPE and HAND PICKED free MP3s:

Slaves To Rock N Roll

Download “Chuck Berry’s Orphan” (mp3)
from “Slaves To Rock N Roll”
by Great Plains
Old 3C Records

Mother & Child Collection - Sound Asleep - Natural Womb Music (Will Stop Baby Crying!)

Download “Natural Womb Sounds” (mp3)
from “Mother & Child Collection – Sound Asleep – Natural Womb Music (Will Stop Baby Crying!)”
by Lullababy
Classic Fox Records

    More On This Album

    Corpus Christi

    Download “88 Lines About 44 Women” (mp3)
    from “Corpus Christi”
    by The Nails
    Safe House

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