Art In Manila + Bottom of The Hudson

I’m testing a new server for my MP3s. I’ve been going on the cheap it’s difficult to get good service if you’re not paying for it. Still avoiding paying but hoping this new place will be better. Either way, it’s free for you so ignore my troubles and read on….

-Art In Manila is the new project from Orenda Fink (Azure Ray) and so far it sounds pretty good. The lush, hushed arrangements of Azure Ray, who packed it in back in 2004, don’t really permeate this stuff but Orenda’s voice is as good as ever and I still get a thrill just from hearing it. I guess I can understand why Azure Ray moved from Athens a few years back and headed up to Omaha (actually, I take that back. I love Athens and have only ever been tempted to move away once. Even then it was because I got swept up in the early Internet buzz and actually almost moved to Seattle. But, I digress…) but it still would be cool if they lived here. At any rate, download and listen. The new album by Art In Manila, Set the Woods on Fire, came out July 20 via (who else?) Saddle Creek.

Art In Manila-The Abomination
Art In Manila-Set The Woods

-Brooklyn’s Bottom of The Hudson is basically one dude with whoever he chooses to surround himself with at the time. At least that’s my take and understanding (and I’m just too tired right now to investigate it properly so send all hate to so I can ignore it.) That guy is Eli Simon and the label to blame is Absolutely Kosher. I’m a total fan and sucker for melodies and rhythms like this. There’s a certain amount of Guided By Voices-immediacy to Bottom of The Hudson but that’s kind of a cheap comparison and, in any case, causes one to think too much of Robert Pollard’s cult of personality as it does the music itself. As someone, though, who has sat in his bedroom for years and made up little two and three minute songs which, if I feel like flattering myself (and why not, right?) are similar in style and content Bottom Of The Hudson makes me feel bad for never really taking the time to record them even if only to document them. Thanks a lot, Eli. Way to go.

Bottom Of The Hudson-Handwriting

If you happen to be in Athens, GA tonight (Thursday July 26, 2007) you might as well come down to The Caledonia Lounge and see Bottom Of The Hudson along with Deerhunter, Ham 1, Liz Durrett and King Of Prussia. If you have a killer time thank me if you have a horrible time blame the dudes at Team Clermont since it’s their show and part of their big annual hoo-ha!

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