Two Sides

Before I wrote these words you’re reading I had written a bunch of other words. I was trying to articulate the connection I find between Teenage Head‘s “Bonerack” and Roky Erickson‘s “Starry Eyes”. The first is full of dumb sex, self-destruction and, ultimately, permanent brain damage (courtesy of the gun-wielding protagonist) and the second is a love song that I’ve always interpreted as the singer longing for his own brain back.

So maybe that’s the connection.
Listen for yourself.

Teenage Head-Bonerack
Rocky Erickson-Starry Eyes

Note: This isn’t my favorite version of “Starry Eyes”. This is the 1986 version from Don’t Slander Me and, while pretty decent, is a little too upbeat. But , it’s the only version I had handy. So deal.

Note #2: Roky Erickson turned 60 years old on July 15.

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