Athens PopFest Day 2

As if you couldn’t guess this entire week of 24 Hour Party Pooper is dedicated to the Athens PopFest. Why? Because it’s my favorite annual event in Athens (our annual Christmas parade notwithstanding). So, that being the case along with the fact that I’ll be attending at least 85% of all these shows, there really seems nothing else more important to write about music-wise this week.

(Oh, for a neat little story about PopFest and organizer Mike Turner, who is a dear and close friend of mine, check out Paste Magazine’s feature.)

Today’s shows are at at Little Kings Shuffle Club and the whole day is local heavy which is a good thing. ( Note: ALL Little Kings shows this entire week are available ONLY to those who have a four-day pass!)

First show begins at 1:30 PM featuring…
Paper Tanks (Athens, GA)
The Hat Company (Toledo, OH) (MP3: A Cloud In Minor)

Christopher’s Liver (Athens, GA) (MP3: I Hope)

Yellow Fever (Austin, TX) (MP3: Hellfire)

after an intermission for dinner, naps & whatnot the show continues in the evening and will feature sets by…

Titans of Filth (Athens, GA)
Turncoats (Murfreesboro, TN) (MP3: Hostage Of Love)

Ninety Nine (Melbourne, Australia) (MP3: Stop)

Mouser (Athens, GA) (MP3: We Hear God)

Venice is Sinking (Athens, GA) (MP3: Pulaski Heights)

Russian Spy Camera (Athens, GA)
M Coast (Athens, GA)
the Instruments (Brooklyn, NY/Athens, GA)
New Sound of Numbers (Athens, GA)

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