Day 5 and I’m losing my mind…

As we head into the 5th and final day of the Athens Popfest I no longer have the energy to keep hunting down everyones MP3s and what not. (In actuality, I don’t really expect a whole lot of people to even read this post. I’m fairly certain a good amount of you only see this site during the week when you can rob your employer of precious man-hours. But, I digress…)

At any rate, todays event are, of course, punctuated by the appearance of Daniel Johnston. This is such a special show. Johnston is a treasure.

and I’m exhausted. So here’s the schedule and links to the bands but you’ll have to go listen on your own.

Little Kings (starts @ 1:30 PM)
Black Kids
Jerk Alert
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart

40 Watt Club (starts @ 7:30 PM)
Red Pony Clock
Baby Calendar
Cars Can Be Blue
Dark Meat
Daniel Johnston

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