The Digging Always Pays Off

I’m consistently amazed by people who say there’s nothing exciting happening in Rock-n-Roll and Pop music. I tire of nothing faster than people who are, if not necessarily jaded, not curious about discovering new things to be excited about. There’s cool stuff everywhere and if you can’t find it then you’re either not looking hard enough or are looking in all the wrong places.

Today’s bliss comes from Östersund, Sweden courtesy of Letterbox Records. The band is Penny Century and their new single, from their newest album to be released next week entitled Between A Hundred Lies, is being given away for free. I’ve uploaded it here for you but you may want to go directly to the Letterbox site and download it there just to give ’em a little encouragement.

I’m a total sucker for this type of guitar/keyboard/vocal pop. Although it’s highly unlikely that this is the case I always imagine bands like this living nearly all alone in some remote place of the world dreaming it all up for themselves and inventing these sounds purely on their own with no influences at all.

I can’t recommend this enough. I guarantee once you download it you’ll play it multiple times, share it with friends, etc. I haven’t heard a song so mix-tape ready in a long time.

MP3:Penny Century-Nothing Burns Like Bridges
Band Blog: Penny Century

From the “Sorry…had to” file this photo is from the front page of the official Östersund, Sweden
…anyone for badminton?

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