Monday Bliss

I have no concept of weekends.

To paraphrase the mayor of Virgil, TX, Earl Culver (played the late Spalding Gray) in True Stories I can’t tell the difference between working and not-working. The only leisure I really enjoy is reading, listening to music and seeing live shows. Everything else feels like a huge waste of time.
Here’s a good one to enjoy today as you slog through Monday.

I flipped when I heard this new stuff by Leeds, England‘s The Lodger. It’s from their debut album (Grown-Ups; out now) on UK label Angular and US indie Slumberland. The album mixes jittery UK indie-pop a’la The Wedding Present with that unique, dark English mood (a’la The Housemartins) that has soothed many a bleak Georgia night for me.

MP3: The Lodger-Kicking Sand
MP3: The Lodger-Let Her Go
MP3: The Lodger-My Advice Is On Loan
MP3: The Lodger-The Story’s Over

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