What? You Only Got One Job, Mon?

I work many jobs. The current count is six. Sometimes they collide in weird ways like this past Saturday night.

One of my jobs is as a doorman at Athens own Caledonia Lounge. Another one is doing various tasks for the newly revived Athens label Kindercore Records. Since I was going to be at our relaunch party/rock show/art show anyway that night I figured I sign up to work and get paid for being there. Well, the show was pretty well attended (and,trust me, the Kindercore crowds like to drink…). Thing was, we started the show at 7PM and in Georgia it’s still blazing hot at that time and the club had been baking all day long. Total sweat factory.

See, Kindercore has relaunched as a “multi-media” company and since it’s featuring visual artists now it seemed appropriate to have an art show, right? Jesse Lockwood, half brother of half of K-Core Ryan Lewis, had some screened LP records on the wall, Lauren Gregg had a very cool set of paintings that instantly reminded me of the sorta-hip early 1970’s, mass produced paintings for children’s bedrooms (yes, people, even Sears used to have some cool stuff) and Jared Brown had a display of his rock celebrity/superhero embroidery.

Normally I can never afford to buy art at shows but one of Jared’s pieces caught my eye instantly and I just had to have it. Here it is:
(Photo totally stolen from Jared’s Flickr account)

The entire active Kindercore roster played, too, and particularly impressive were Ruby Isle who are much more oomph-y and rocking than their recordings would lead you to believe. Kindercore also released the first graphic item to come out since the reorganization and that was The Trouble Revolution comic book. You can fins a whole lot more information on all this stuff over at the Kindercore website. It was a fun but totally exhausting night and I’m still pretty damn tired. That’s why there’s not a whole lot more about it here. I can’t do everything, can I?

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