Home Is Where The Bullshit Is

I really wasn’t going to post about this but now I’m going to. This all stems from a situation I had a few days ago and, while it bothered me at the time, I thought I’d be able to shrug it off. I realize now, though, that posting about it (in however vague a manner) is the only way I’m going to close this issue. This post is totally for me so if you wanna surf away I understand.

Questions for a to-remain-unnamed-Athens-band:

Do you really think that you’re such hot shit everyone should pay attention to you?
Do you honestly feel like music is a competition?
Why is it that hardly anyone pays attention to your band outside of a core group of friends?
Sure, popularity is no measure of quality at all but do you think maybe…
finally…people have got you sussed out?

In dedication to all scene assholes and bullies I give you two of the most poignant Dead Kennedys tracks dealing with this shit. Although written about the punk scene in the 1980’s they are absolutely applicable to the bullshit I’m talking about.

“Badmouth people we don’t know/Make sure it’s behind their backs…We’ll slag everyone each and every night/So we can pretend that we’re all right/Make those pricks feel just so small/ We’ll show the world that we’re three feet tall”(“Do The Slag”)

Got a bitch with me? Why won’t you say it to my face? It’s so easy to mouth off to others…./ No one’s ever there when you need friends/You wonder why…/It’s ’cause you take yourself so seriously/But being such a clown gives the rest of us the right to laugh” (“Macho Insecurity”)

Both tracks from 1986’s Bedtime for Democracy.

MP3: Dead Kennedys-Do The Slag
MP3: Dead Kennedys-Macho Insecurity

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