Nestle In The Groovy

The Coathangers have really pretty much exploded everywhere this past year which is mindbogglingly phenomenal for a band that literally formed a year ago. Loved by some, utterly hated by others and admired by me this is exactly the type of band I like to see get popular. On one hand I totally dig the screamy, total punk-n-wave sound they put out and on the other hand I know how totally befuddling and frustrating their popularity must be for the hundreds of posturing, preening alt-rock poseur boys in the Atlanta scene (hell, there’s a good amount in the Athens scene now, too!). While I’m terribly big on corporately sponsored shindigs and showdowns I get a quiet satisfaction out of the fact that companies like Mackie are responsible for putting up valuable sponso-bucks for magazine sponsored showcases by The Coathangers. Somewhere in Alpharetta a muscled out dude in a Zildjian t-shirt is crying into his Peavy stack.

The nigh-unimpeachable Rob’s House Records is responsible for the full length(the LP of which is a split release with Die Slaughterhaus Records) which will come out September 4th. Both these labels prove that the idea of people buying only MP3s or digital downloads these days is a total falsehood. I don’t have a moral stance against this type of music delivery but I do think it tends to be less-than and, as a total and unabashed record lover, I’ll always want the vinyl before I want anything else. Please enjoy the mp3s and stream the whole album at the below link.
MP3: The Coathangers-Don’t Touch My Shit
MP3: The Coathangers-Shut The Fuck Up

Stream entire album here.

Next local (and local-ish) performances are Friday, August 31 @ The Drunken Unicorn(w/Denmark’s Cola Freaks, Beat Beat Beat and All Night Drug Prowling Wolves)
Wednesday, September 12 @ The 40 Watt (w/The Selmanaires and Black Lips)
Thursday, October 25 @ The Caledonia Lounge (w/63 Crayons)

PS: There’s some other bands on these bills that just kill. The Selmanaires and Black Lips, of course, blow me away completely. Cola Freaks will be here all the way from Denmark and All Night Prowling Drug Wolves rip it, too. I’ve always liked 63 Crayons a decent amount but they’ve been pretty quiet lately. Hopefully they can still pull it out and shake it, um, so to speak.

Please check out the links for these bands.

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1 Response to Nestle In The Groovy

  1. Big Gray says:

    It would help if they were, you know, good. As in wrote good songs.

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