I Love The Night Life

“The sunshine bores the daylights outta me.”
-The Rolling Stones (“Rocks Off”;1972)

I like working at night.

I savor long nights at home listening to records and working. Right now it’s 4:56 am and most of you will be heading off to your jobs or school pretty soon and I’m sitting here writing this out. I’ve got my share of tasks and jobs and classes, too, but I’ve managed to schedule them all so I can stay awake all night most nights. I’m told by relatives I was this way as a child, too. I never had a specific bedtime past age 3 or so. My parents attitude was that if I got tired I would sleep. And, so, the habits of early childhood have carried on through adulthood. So it goes…

The thing that I like most, though, is that the night has no interruptions. Everything is closed. I don’t have to go anywhere or meet anybody. I can be alone with my thoughts and my records. There’s a calmness in the night that I find completely soothing. The daylight hours have too much a sense of urgency, even in a relatively slow-paced town like Athens.

I don’t have any real reason for writing about all this. It just happened to be what I was thinking about. And this site was created for my thoughts, anyway, so it’s all OK.

Free stuff for today, handpicked by me…

1) First solo album by former Sunny Day Real Estate front man in 11 years.
The Missing Link “Oh John” (mp3)
from “The Missing Link”
by Jeremy Enigk
(1981 Clothing Inc)

2)Want a sneak preview MP3 of the new Bruce Springsteen album? I sure did.
Go HERE and download it officially. No frickin’ way I’m gonna piss off The Boss’s lawyers by ripping it and posting it. I’m an unabashed Springsteen fan. Easily as important to the fabric of American music as Bob Dylan. Yeah, I said it.

3)I just love this bands name. Helps, too, that I like their record.
Now You Are This “Mind Hole” (mp3)
from “Now You Are This”
by Numbers
(Kill Rock Stars) Buy at Kill Rock Stars Store

4)Free video for Caribou’s “Melody Day”. Warning: it’s a Quicktime file, which I hate. Proceed at will. MP3 HERE.

5)From the “Why the hell not?” file this 14 year old track from Archers of Loaf.
I always had a soft spot for these boys because even though the band came out of the Chapel Hill, NC scene the members were all originally from my birthplace of Asheville, NC.
Icky Mettle “Web In Front” (mp3)
from “Icky Mettle”
by Archers Of Loaf
(Alias) More On This Album

6) Finally, a new 8-minute hippie piano jam by Devendra Banhart. Whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo!
MP3: Seahorse (warning: 12MB file.)

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3 Responses to I Love The Night Life

  1. Chris hassiotis says:

    You hate Quicktime?

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    Yeah, ever since I stopped working on a Mac Quicktime has been a pain for me. Total RAM fiend.

  3. Big Gray says:

    RAM is absolutely the worst format ever. Are you serious? This is a joke, right? Quicktime is inarguably better, from a sound and video perspective. You are nutso, Gordon.

    Just looking at that Stones quote makes me think that Mick Jagger is an underrated lyricist. I used to think it was “The sunshine burns the daylights outta me” and I like that even better. Maybe I should use that in a Big Gray song.

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