So, So Lazy (+ B-52’s!)

You know what? I really don’t feel like writing a whole lot tonight. Had a few assignments to do (you know, the paying kind) and pretty much all my creativity was spent there. Even so, there’s a bunch of stuff I wanted to send out to y’all today so let’s get to it. (By the way, anyone beside me notice the split personality in the writing here between dry academic sounding stuff and folksy, “hey, how ya doin’?” stuff? Gotta get a better handle on it…)
Here’s how you will spend your day…(please excuse the completely screwed up layout of this post. I’m too busy to deal with fixing it right now.)

–New track from Old Time Relijun from the forthcoming (October 9) album Catharsis In Crisis. Old Time Relijun play Athens (with AIDS Wolf) on Sunday,November 4 at the Secret Squirrel.
MP3: Old Time Relijun-Daemon Meeting
(Note: This one time I was in Olympia, WA hanging out in this restaurant/bar and saw OTR founder/front man/leader
Arrington de Dionyso walking around in impossibly short 1970’s-style running shorts. Fascinating, I know…)

-A couple of new tracks from David Dondero‘s new album released last week entitled Simple Love. His second for Connor Oberst’s Team Love.
Totally worth your time.
MP3: David Dondero-Rothko Chapel
MP3: David Dondero-When The Heart Breaks Deep

-A few B-52’s MP3s available at Big Stereo including Chicks On Speed‘s version of “Give Me Back My Man”.

“Contiene: El Rock De La Langosta.” Awesome.

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