New Health

This is the last time I’m going to mention Los Angeles band Health until you see a full review up here. But since I’ve got a couple of more tracks available for you I wanted to get them out there.
(You can download 2 more tracks from the first 24HPP post on Health here.)

There’s lots of bands doing this noise-laden, experimento-pop stuff these days that betrays a record collection, or at least a working fascination with (if not working knowledge of), full of Brian Eno, Can, Chrome, et al.

It may well be a trend, which it probably is as the quality of these bands has been dropping exponentially for several months. What makes Health any different? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure yet. But I like them quite a bit and so, here you go:

MP3: Health-Perfect Skin
MP3: Health-Triceratops

(This is HEALTH. Please don’t judge them by this horribly dorky photographic mix of hippie and Hip Hop. Rumor is that they’re going to play Athens’ Secret Squirrel Thursday, October 25 but the band’s MySpace page has them playing a house in Savannah, GA that day so who really knows.)

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