This Is The Life We’ve Chosen

(L-R:Hyman Roth (Ex-Silver Jews),
Michael Corleone (Dartmouth graduate,
ex-US Marines))

I had been planning that post on the Dirty Projectors for several days and spent so much time getting my thoughts together about exactly what I wanted to say that I pretty much blew the whole wad this week on that one. I get, literally, exhausted from posts like that. There’s an exhilaration, too, that the thoughts are finally out of my head and written down but the organization and synthesis of ideas is actual work. But, as the character Hyman Roth says in The Godfather Part II:

This is the life we’ve chosen.

And what I’m choosing to do today is clear the decks a little. Please enjoy the MP3s.
See ya tomorrow.

-Atlanta homeboys Gringo Star (formerly known as A Fir-Ju Well)
MP3:Gringo Star-No Reason

New, sample heavy tracks from Realistic, from the new album Perpetual Memory Loss, courtesy of Illegal Art.
MP3:Realistic-The Camera Track
MP3:Realistic-Snowday Plaything

Very cool stuff from Bear In Heaven‘s debut album Red Bloom Of The Boom album (also due out October 23) courtesy of Hometapes.
MP3: Bear In Heaven-Bag Of Bags

Fredericksburg, VA Pash are on the fence between endearing and irritating. Completely early 1990’s pop a’la Maganapop and Belly so you can probably tell what I mean. Whatevs. You decide.

MP3:Pash-The Best Gun
MP3:Pash-Kill The Rich Boys I

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1 Response to This Is The Life We’ve Chosen

  1. pash says:

    thanks for giving us a shot. hopefully you can make it out to a show sometime!


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