Give The People What They Want

If any of you out there are regular readers (I know; I flatter myself, right?) I want to tell you that this site will no longer be updated on Saturdays and Sundays. Updates will only happen Monday-Friday. So, yeah, that’s that.

Fridays Random Thoughts:

-Why do so many people bag on Pitchfork yet read it everyday? Is it to make sure you hate it? What a dumb way to be. (For the record, I like Pitchfork. Its convenient, updated with ridiculous regularity and has a massive archive that provides hours of reading. Yeah, I said it. Deal.)

-When is the bottom going to fall out of the New Wave resurgence? Admiration is one thing but this, now years-long, race to the bottom of the bargain bin is getting ridiculous. Bands: hang up your jumpsuits, leg warmers, eyeliner and Aqua Net. Stop watching bootleg videos of The Cure and write some fucking songs already.

-Anyone read Alternative Press lately? I hadn’t in a couple of years but picked up an issue this week. Holy shit! Mall Punk is HUGE. Yeah, I knew but had, thus far, been spared 50 pages of full-color,full-page advertisements for such meaningless acts as The Tossers, Relient K, and Anberlin. Add this to several pages of “buyers guide” advertorials and it’s no wonder kids think Hot Topic is a legitimate cultural outlet.

Well, enough bitching from me. Enjoy your weekend. Here’s some stuff to listen to.

MP3:Bella-Give it A Night
(band site here.)

MP3:The Phantom Family Halo-Black River
MP3:The Phantom Family Halo-Lady Blue
(ex-For Carnation, Slint [reunion], Dead Child. Band site here.)

MP3:Miss Fairchild-Number One
MP3:Miss Fairchild-Vanilla Place
(Funk and R&B as if Black people had never existed. Band site here.)

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3 Responses to Give The People What They Want

  1. Miss Darrow says:

    i really like what i have heard of phantom family halo. i mean…. they have good people to make a band from.

  2. Bruce says:

    I read pitchfork for the news not those hipper then thou reviews they put out. Since half the stuff they review I know I’ve got no interest in.

    Yeah have not looked through Alternative Press in a long time. I see the covers and I’m like who the hell are these people. When the hell did really bad emo* and bad goth ripoffs become the norm.

    *actually isn’t all emo bad. This coming from someone who actually saw Sunny Day Real Estate when Diary came out. They were on a bill with a ton of other Sub Pop bands I was more interested in. (Eric’s Trip)

  3. Mike Caulfield says:

    The bottom of New Wave is coming soon. I know this, because my 9 year old daughter was just listening to a cover of “That’s Good” on Radio Disney. It’s by Devo 2.0, a kid-based “All-Devo cover band.”

    (And to think I tried to raise her on Pixies and Portastatic. What happened?)

    For your edification, here it is from the “Disney Jams” compilation.

    As they say, this keg is tapped…

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