An Early Bonus

I have slept exactly four hours out of the past 36. It’s now just about 4:30 AM and I’m very near the point of falling over. But I absolutely have to tell you about Ireland’s Super Extra Bonus Party.

Yes, I have to.

I was turned onto this band by an Irish blogger who is a friend of these guys. At first I looked at their goofy album cover art, slightly goofy name and thought, “Huh? OK…”. Man, oh, man was I missing out. But not for long.

This stuff is as close to the definition of indie/dance as one can get and not be The Go Team. There’s all kinds of ambient subtleties and other joys here, too. A very welcome surprise.
If I wasn’t so utterly exhausted I could on for miles. Just trust me.

Enjoy the tracks. I’m going to sleep.

MP3:Super Extra Bonus Party-Everything Flows
MP3:Super Extra Bonus Party-Propeller

Band website HERE.

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