Thank Your Lucky Stars, Athens

This is such a special show for Athens.

The Lucksmiths will perform tonight (Tuesday, October 2) at The Caledonia with Ladybug Transistor. Athens band Folklore will also play but the most exciting band tonight is The Lucksmiths. I posted some stuff below for you to check out if you don’t know about these Melbourne, Australia wonders. I took a chance and posted what would normally be an extremely ill-advised attempt on the part of any band, too. But, give a listen to The Lucksmiths cover of The Smiths “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”. No, you won’t love it more than the original but you will possibly hear it in a new way. The dual vocals just kill me.

The bands latest release is the massive compendium of b-sides, compilation tracks and other madness entitled Spring A Leak. Courtesy of Matinee Recordings it’s actually not a bad place to start with the band. Normally, I’d never advise getting a compilation before getting a proper album but this is a fine place to begin if you’ve not ever heard The Lucksmiths. Buy it here.
And, if you want, visit the band over on MySpace.

I absolutely must sleep. See you tomorrow.

MP3: The Lucksmiths-Columns O’ Steam
MP3: The Lucksmiths-Once Again
MP3: The Lucksmiths-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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