From The Sick Bay

Somewhere between two days ago and now I’ve caught some sort of nasty cold/flu thing. Not completely debilitating but enough to give me a headache, make me congested and basically not in any clear state of mind to write about what I want to write about. So, at the risk of committing a very lame act (i.e. announcing an announcement) I do want to say that my plans this week were to cover the albums and artists listed below. Well, most of ’em , anyway. I can’t review that Elekibass record because it was released by a good friend of mine and that’s just too close for reasonable, disinterested comfort.

So, yeah. Just enjoy this stuff for today and sit in anticipatory glee. Or not. I’m high on cold medicine. Don’t listen to me.

The Flying Club CupBeirut
“A Sunday Smile” (mp3)
from “The Flying Club Cup”
(Ba Da Bing!)
Buy at Napster
More On This Album

Heresy and the Hotel ChoirMaritime
“Guns Of Navarone” (mp3)
from “Heresy and the Hotel Choir”
(Flameshovel Records)
More On This Album

Welcome Wonderful WorldElekibass
“We All Live Happily Together” (mp3)
“People Pack Into the Rock” (mp3)

from “Welcome Wonderful World”
(Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records)
More On This Album

Wooden Shjips

MP3: Wooden Shjips-Lucy’s Ride

Or, stream the entire album HERE.

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1 Response to From The Sick Bay

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha. gordon lamb..



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