Explosions In The Cyber-sky

The traffic here has exploded over the past month. I’ve gone from needing less than 5 GB of transfer space to now needing close to 50. And it looks like that’s going to run out pretty soon, too.I can place the blame squarely on Arcade Fire, Black Kids and MGMT for the costs going up around here.

What? No one wants the Neon Christ MP3s?

In other news, I was taken to task by a Frenchman this past week for not “posting the best song from Black Kids’ demo!” See, here at The Athens PopFest Black Kids were handing out free 4-song CDs and they had 2 different songs than the recent Wizard Of Ahhhs EP had.

Thing is, though, that Black Kids ran out of these immediately following their set and I never got one. So, you can thank a humorously cranky Frenchie named Pierre for me being able to give you these two other tracks.

MP3: Black Kids- I Wanna Be Your Limousine
MP3: Black Kids-Listen To Your Body Tonight

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4 Responses to Explosions In The Cyber-sky

  1. Nick Fulton says:

    There’s always room for another music blog my friend!

  2. %P says:

    It is of course underestimating the combined powers of bitchiness and laziness of the said Frenchie.
    Who has not so surprisingly nothing to do with the dude in the picture: that guy holds some kind of white wine bottle, whereas I’m more into red…

  3. Agent Ramona says:

    Listening to Pierre is always the right thing to do.

  4. Ed says:

    Thanks for posting more Black Kids, have only heard them in the last twenty four hours and am utterly smitten!

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