Working Is No Problem

By far, the most significant record news this week is the reissue of Pylon‘s album Gyrate.

Repackaged (for the first time ever on CD) and bundled with bonus tracks pulled from the Cool/Dub 7″ and the Pylon 10″ the album is re-dubbed (ha!) Gyrate Plus and thank God that DFA put this out. Why nobody with similar funds and tastes ever thought to re-release the now-27 year old Gyrate is pretty surprising when I think about it. Pylon is such a huge part of the reason I ended up in Athens. But that’s a very long story for another time. Suffice it to say that I’m still very much in awe of them even though now I know three of them on a first name basis.

Last night the band did an in-store record signing event at Athens’ Wuxtry Records and, judging by the steady stream of people that came in over the course of the two-hour event, it seems that a big part of the town is psyched that this happened also.

This post is necessarily short. Pylon is either a band you write a couple of hundred words about or 10,000 words about. Even though, musically speaking, Pylon was always the epitome of economy, there are so many layers of concept and intertextual possibilities to explore when discussing their music I really think it’d be an injustice to write anything more if time has constrained me from giving them the full effect.


MP3:Pylon-Working Is No Problem
MP3: Pylon-Cool

(Photos at top taken January, 17 1980 at the University Of Georgia’s Memorial Hall Ballroom by Terry Allen.)

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3 Responses to Working Is No Problem

  1. Mike says:

    Last night was a lot of fun, I submitted the photos and tour dates to Pitchfork last night at 2:30am so hopefully they will post something instead of those QOTSA photos.

    You can see the photos from last night here:

  2. Mike says:

    Click there instead, I figured it would pick up a url automatically.

  3. Mike says:

    ps. If you want a place to host stuff or to host your site in general you can have a little spot on my website. I have 1TB (1,000 GB) storage and another 1,000 GB transfer a month. Your url would be and you could redirect your domain to that. You would have your own username and password to log into FTP. Anyway I figure I’d throw it out there if you were interested.

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