The Book I Read

Things have been slow around 24HPP for the past week or so because I’ve been preparing for, and taking, midterm exams. Yes, still pursuing that Philosophy degree from the University of Georgia.

So, yeah, that’s a lame excuse but not an altogether unimportant one. I actually really enjoy going to school and studying philosophy is a total joy. Enormous amounts of work but completely fulfilling.

So, in honor of both book learnin’ and of my exhaustion I figured I’d give you one of the most bookish bands ever. This has circulated for several years via cassette and CDs. Now, of course, it’s circulating digitally and, for the life of me, I can’t even remember where I got it. You can get the full recording below and for you nervous nellies that absolutely must try something before committing to downloading a full record just check the MP3s.


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1 Response to The Book I Read

  1. Anonymous says:

    the best Heads is early live trio Heads in my intimate estimation: being a pal-admirer with not-unfounded hopes of becoming member 4! [ended up creating a cousin band COME ON 1976-80] There was a rare ‘outsider’ all-american do-it-yourself [Warhol, anyone? -Tina being the aristo-Edie-figure] vibe and impetus in the Heads–the benefit of starving-living-working together in crazy-dangerous anything-can-happen ’70s Manhattan. Tentative Decisions was a notable ‘casualty’ of their meeting and accepting Lou Reed’s suggestion of tempo & arrangement–check the widely-diff. versions here & on LP. They are so great as a live trio– hearing these versions now after 30 years away!! Ah well…file under the strange rewards of failure, the sucky smells of success…the sublime accounting of Blogs! [just started visiting sites this fall]

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