So Many Things

So, tonight I find myself not feeling terribly passionate about any particular record, at least none that I can spend four or five hours working out a post about. However, there’s still a lot going through my mind. So, hopefully without cheapening the format (not that the blog format could be cheapened, but, whatever…) today’s update will be bulleted. Forgive, forgive, forgive.

-Finally saw something via Gawker that held my attention. This post over at Idolator, while a little over the top, is certainly full of the fire I like to see in writing and the piece makes some valid points about blog and new media-driven hype. It’s certainly the case that there are a whole lot of music blogs out there ready, willing and lined up to kiss the ass of any band or promo-person that comes their way and who, more often than not, merely follow the lead of more established new media when deciding what to write about. However, it’s also the case that there is legitimate criticism (both positive and negative) available for almost any act that is seen as a hype phenomenon. Just because a bands name is appearing everywhere in the “blogosphere” doesn’t mean there aren’t some thoughtful people writing well-reasoned arguments in favor of said band. If you tire of a band before even hearing them simply because you’ve seen their name everywhere imagine how sick you’ll be of every presidential candidate before November 2008. (Actually, that’s unfair as I’m sick of them all already.)

Athens/Nashville band The Lolligags make their debut this Friday (November 2) here in Athens at The Caledonia Lounge. Singer Leslie Dallion is a good friend of mine and funnily enough I first really became friends with her by doing this story on The Lolligags for Flagpole Magazine. So, yeah, the close friendship necessarily prevents me from writing about the band in the “straight” (i.e. legitimate) press. I mean, I can report on legitimate band news but need to avoid the conflict-of-interest that comes with criticism and feature stories. That said, I can write whatever I want to here and so I encourage you to check them out. I know the folks behind the scenes have been busy building light-boxes and other stage-accoutrements but I don’t have a clear idea of what to expect. I know they’ve been planning it for months, though.

-Inspired by my pal Henry over at Chunklet Magazine (and Atlanta’s Tight Bros. Network)I’ve entered the world of show-promotion once again. Mike Turner of HHBTM and I have joined up to help bring bands to Athens who wouldn’t normally come this way. It used to be that Athens was a mandatory tour stop for nearly all sizes of bands. Now, sadly, Atlanta and Birmingham, AL are trumping us hard. (I don’t think of music as a competition at all but I want everyone to think of Athens as a place they just have to go to and I’d like Athens audiences to show bands that our town is worth their while.) I don’t necessarily think our efforts will reverse the tide completely but I hope we can help stem it a little. Anyway, our first “production”, if you will is….

The Lodger from Leeds, England. Their new album, Grown Ups, is out now on Slumberland in the US and I wound up hooking up with these guys because I had written about them here at 24HPP back in August of this year. Anyone into The Smiths, The Housemartins, The Wedding Present and Television Personalities will dig The Lodger. Hell, listen to the MP3s. I’m putting Athens band Spring Tigers with them. This will be the live debut of Spring Tigers and, honestly, they were the first band I thought of when I secured the Lodger gig. Anyway, it happens at Athens’ Flicker Theatre and Bar at 9PM Saturday, November 3 and will only run ya $3. (3 bux!)

Oh, that’s all for today. The analysis will return later.

MP3: The Lolligags-Wired Up
MP3: The Lodger- Kicking Sand
MP3: The Lodger-Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion

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2 Responses to So Many Things

  1. chnkltgy says:

    Holy shit. I inspired something?

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    Yes , sir!

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