Put Me In, Coachmen

One absolute truism of the digital age: on the Internet, nothing is rare. Hence this posting of something I would’ve paid, easily, $30+ for 20 years ago. This is really just for all the hardcore, Sonic Youth/Thurston Moore, oh-shit-gotta-have-it people. There’s no way you’ll ever have everything Moore worked on but I know that the more you get the better you feel. So here is a 1979 recording of Thurston Moore with the original lineup of New York band The Coachmen.
(That photo is Moore in 1978.)

-Story on the history of The Coachmen by founder J.D. King HERE.
-More Coachmen MP3s HERE.
-Download the entire thing as a fat ZIP file HERE.
-Gorge yourself at the same place I scored these tracks; a veritable pirate’s chest of Sonic Youth (and related) rarities and boots HERE.

MP3: The Coachmen- Thurston’s Song
MP3: The Coachmen- Girls Are Short
MP3: The Coachmen- Household Word
MP3: The Coachmen- Radical Lifestyle
MP3: The Coachmen- Stay In My Room

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2 Responses to Put Me In, Coachmen

  1. bass ackwards says:

    you’re right. I do feel better.

    I’d always been curious as to what the Coachmen sounded like, esp. after reading Alex Foege’s ‘Confusion Is Next’

  2. Jared says:

    I’ve seen this post a couple of times and keep meaning to check out the tracks, but I just noticed the John Fogerty reference. Nicely done.

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