Week In, Week Out (Lamb Jam: Ho-Hum Edition)

The greatest thing about having this space is that the only deadlines are those I place on myself. That said, I am constantly wavering between the desire to do longer, more thoughtful pieces which take a whole lot of time and result in fewer posts or, doing those, yet augmenting the place with shorter, more immediate daily updates. I’m leaning heavily, though, toward the former. Although I flatter myself thinking that there are regular readers that stop by here I have no idea if that’s true or not. All I know is that I don’t want 24HourPartyPooper to be another news dump. There are plenty of sites that do that very well and unless I have some exclusive piece of news I don’t really feel like saying the same thing everyone else is saying.

Which is all to say, really, that I don’t have anything to say today but I wanted to preface this edition of Lamb Jam with, at the very least, a reason for why I’m not saying anything.

So there.

MP3: Atlas Sound-Stoned
MP3: Robert Mitchum-From A Logical Point Of View
MP3: Love-Listen To My Song
MP3: Felt-A Preacher In New England
MP3: The Dream Syndicate-Tell me When It’s Over
MP3: The Del Fuegos-Don’t Run Wild

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3 Responses to Week In, Week Out (Lamb Jam: Ho-Hum Edition)

  1. hillary says:

    What? You can’t do longer _and_ more frequent? Perhaps you need some of those magic pills you were pimping over at my place.

  2. Jayne says:

    Although I flatter myself thinking that there are regular readers that stop by here I have no idea if that’s true or not.

    I try to stop by when I remember to. Getting to be “almost” regular.

    I enjoy both the long and short posts so I say do whatever time allows.

  3. NewYorkCandy says:

    I’m a new fan of your blog. Found it thanks to the Google Alert I have set up for all things Gang of Four (I’m from the north of England – now in New York – and saw a ton of early Gang shows). Thus I read your Hugo Burnham interview with interest. Saddened to learn he’s again no longer part of the touring set-up. How did I miss that bombshell? They really aren’t the same band without him. I’m unsure if he’s involved with recording new stuff in the UK at the moment. Suffice, thanks for making the effort to do the interview and post it. Readership? Register your site at statcounter.com – don’t worry, it’s free – and you’ll get all kinds of cool information about page hits, length of visits, where in the world they’re coming from, etc. The results can be a bit soul-destroying at times, but finding you have a regular reader in Tehran or Rio or Wagga Wagga is a buzz. No doubt. Also, don’t forget you’re in a legendary rock n roll town – folks around the world are interested. Keep up the good work.

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