The Nor On Christmas

A totally nice fellow named Christoffer Schou from Norway alerted me that his band, Remington Super 60, had compiled all their Christmas songs and that it was giving them away for free to anyone who wanted them. (I know, right? All their Christmas songs? How many could one band possibly have?)

At any rate, I gave them a listen and they’re really good in a classic pop composer way (Bacharach, Carpenter, et al).

So as a special treat from Remington Super 60 please enjoy these songs you’ve never heard but will likely really enjoy.
Remington Super 60-Merry Christmas EP

MP3: Remington Super 60-Here Comes Christmas
MP3: Remington Super 60-Motorcars And Aeroplanes
MP3: Remington Super 60-Wintertime
MP3: Remington Super 60-Christmas Song For Melanie

Get them all in a convenient .RAR file HERE.
Artwork available HERE.

(Note: all these links go straight to so you could save yourself some time and just go there. All tracks available, also, via the bands MySpace page.)

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