It’s Always Christmas Here (Lamb Jam: Organi-zized Edition)

Since I’ll have several days without any real responsibility around here I decided to finally condense my 25+ years of pack-ratting down to smaller, more portable containers. I had been storing everything in enormous, 60-gallon tubs that were so packed they couldn’t be moved by a single person. Anyway, while going through everything I found stuff I didn’t even remember I owned but, strangely, have become reattached to.

Prime examples of what I consider to be treasures:

-Original PYLON fan club membership package (circa 1989)
-A hoard of early 1990’s Athens fliers for tons of defunct bands and clubs
-Several copies of the New York Rocker (one with Jeffrey Lee Pierce on the cover and one with Talking Heads)
-Correspondence from a ‘zine I did circa 1993-1996.
-Random photos/notes/etc from High School.
-Tour programs from U2, Siouxsie & The Banshees, R.E.M. and The Pretenders.
-Ticket stubs from nearly every ticketed concert I went to from 1985-1996 (I know there’s more…but I don’t know where)
-Ancient copies of Flagpole and the defunct Classic City Live
-The first 10 issues of Punk Planet
-Absolute tons of issues of Maximum Rock-n-Roll
-Lots of pop/New Wave teen magazines from the 1980’s
CD Long-boxes for U2, R.E.M., Joy Division and The Reivers.
-A bunch of fliers from Atlanta hardcore shows circa 1988-1994
-Every shred of everything having to do with my old band A Mercy Union
(note: link will send you to an eBay auction in FRANCE. How the hell our record ended up there I’ll never know.)

…and I know as I keep digging I’ll find more. Ever few years I go through this stuff and just look at it, flip through magazines, read old letters and reminisce. I’m not terribly nostalgic but I am terribly sentimental at times. And, yes, there’s a difference.


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