This Is The Way, Step Inside

It is with great pleasure that the partnership I’ve formed with good ‘ol Mike Turner as Buddies Helping Buddies is presenting Anton Corbijn‘s feature-length Ian Curtis/Joy Division biopic Control. The film opens here in Athens Friday, January 12 and will run through Thursday, January 17.

The beautifully shot, black and white film makes much use of empty space visually and stark dialogue. (Note: it was shot in color but printed in black and white which gives it its unique sheen). The cast (especially Sam Riley who plays Ian Curtis) is wonderful. Show times are at 4:15, 7:15 and 9:45 PM daily at Athens art house Cine.

Wuxtry Records also threw its hat in the ring and if you come to the show this Friday or Saturday at either 7:15 or 9:45 you’ll find a whole bunch of Joy Division goodies available for purchase. (You will want a souvenir, won’t you?)

To make this even easier on you I’m giving away TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS for screenings this weekend. You can pick whatever time you want but there is one pair available for Friday and one pair for Saturday. Drop me a line at and let me know which time you want. (Note: If you want Friday, email must be received by 5PM Friday and if you want Saturday email must be received by 5 PM Saturday.) See how easy that is?

Well, it’s not really that easy. Not only must you be the first person to respond but you must be the first to correctly answer this bit of Joy Division trivia:

What is the only song to be recorded by both Joy Division and New Order?

See you at the movies.

UPDATE: As of now (1:44 AM)Saturday’s tickets are gone! Congratulations to Alex.

UPDATE #2: As of now (1:25 PM) Friday’s Tickets are gone! Congratulations to Jessica and Izzy. (Yep, two folks answered correctly at the exact same time. So I made some magic happen.)


MP3: Joy Division-Something Must Break (Live at The Factory, Hulme)
MP3: Joy Division-Exercise One (1979 John Peel Session)
MP3: Joy Division-The Only Mistake (Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham – Piccadilly Radio Station)

Control Trailer:

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4 Responses to This Is The Way, Step Inside

  1. Andy Payne says:

    I went to the 7:15 on Sunday. It was hard for me to concentrate on the dialogue because I kept getting lost in the awesome cinematography. What a great film. Remind me when it comes out on DVD. I can’t wait to crank my home theater and try to recapture the concert footage. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what’s the name of the last song in the trailer? Is it Joy Division?

  3. Gordon Lamb says:

    Yes, it’s Joy Division. The song is named “Atmosphere”.


  4. Octave says:

    FYI, the DVD of the movie is already available on Amazon UK.
    Go get it, it’s amazing.

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