Lamb Jam: We Gotta Get Outta This Place Edition

It’s now exactly 6 AM and I’m in the midst of another caffeine fueled all-nighter. This wasn’t the plan at all; yesterday was supposed to be very organized. After what proved to be a less-than-productive Tuesday, and still having work to do, there was simply no other option that pouring down the coffee and, you know, doing it. So I did and here I am all jittery like Joe and enduring that nervous, itch-all-over feeling that comes from over-indulgence. Like a dancing goat.

There’s some things I need to turn you on to this week that I’ve neglected to mention thus far.

First, Mike Turner‘s new blog at which he’s been writing a lot about various bands that are not necessarily current but have had an impact on him. I like how he’s getting back into writing after closing down his long-running ‘zine Bee’s Knees (1995-2005) a while back.

Also, Athenian Justin Kau has been doing the excellent Sweet Pea Review for quite a while now. Although, much of the focus is on music it’s really more of a cultural journal with long, thoughtful pieces. It’s exactly the kind of writing I really enjoy and can’t recommend it enough.

I’m gonna go drink some water. See ya tomorrow.

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