From/To Athens, With Love

Seeing as how R.E.M. was such a huge reason of why I ever moved to Athens in the first place it only seems appropriate to wish this town Happy Valentines Day with the brand new video for “Supernatural Superserious”, the first single from the to-be-released (April 1) album Accelerate.

It’s beautifully shot by the supremely talented Vincent Moon.
Enjoy it, Athens.

I love you.

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3 Responses to From/To Athens, With Love

  1. Juliar says:

    Thanks for the linkage and the friending, sir! (The favor is returned…)

    Beautiful video, too. Vincent Moon is too talented for words, methinks.

    Cheers! -Julia

  2. Christy Fricks says:

    Loved it! Thanks

  3. Mike says:

    Great video and great song.

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