5 Things

1) I was planning on reviewing the debut album by Atlas Sound, and I may still, but for now Mark Hogan’s review over at Pitchfork is absolutely superb. It would take a lot to top it.

2)Also of note is Hogan’s interview with Bradford Cox which ran last month.

3) Will people please stop using the term “meta” when applying it to realms of popular culture (e.g. record reviews)? Please, just continue to use “post” which is, 99% of the time, exactly what you mean anyway. While that’s also a term that is generally used incorrectly it sounds slightly less pretentious and I’m more likely to actually consider what you’re saying.

4)After ignoring them for a long time I must admit that British Sea Power song “No Lucifer” is pretty damn good.

5)Someone on the IndiePop List posted a link to this eye-stab of a video. If you think mall punks are irritating imagine an entire town square of this.

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1 Response to 5 Things

  1. Andy Payne says:

    please tell me that Genesis video is some sort of unreleased (for very good reason) demo track or something. Gott in Himmel!!!

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