Monday Short

Yes, it’s true. After being a fan for almost 23 years I finally had the opportunity to get my picture taken with Henry Rollins. And what do I do? I show up looking like Father Christmas.
(Note: I was prepared to just stand next to him. He’s the one that grabbed me and threw a hug. Honest.) That’s all I’m going to write about today. Nothing can top it.

MP3: Black Flag-Beat My Against The Wall (Live in Phoenix, 1982)
MP3: Black Flag-My War/I’ve Heard It Before (Live In Phoenix, 1982)
(Sound files taken from the pretty awesome Shaved Neck)

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3 Responses to Monday Short

  1. Mike says:

    That photo is great.

  2. kiana says:


  3. Juliar says:

    ha! congratulations…

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