A New Leaf

After trying for months to carry the weight of keeping almost 200 MP3 files alive and ready at all times for you I’ve decided to take them down. There was just too many people doing searches for MP3s, coming here and taking them and not even reading anything. Also bandwidth costs were just getting irritatingly high. Although hosting changes and other schemes are being a’schemed as we speak for now MP3s will only be live for a few days. This only applies to new files, though. Don’t go digging in the archives unless you want to read stuff. Every file from before today is DEAD.
A bunch of stuff has piled up around here. One of the more notable things is the new album by Yip Yip titled Two Kings Of The Same Kingdom. Although running very close to the most irritating scene around right now (that being the too-clever, day-glo, 8-bit scene) I’ve actually really enjoyed Yip Yip and they remind me so much of old Athens band Nipples For Days. Not that much, really, in sound but in friendship and attitude.

MP3: Yip Yip-Sprinkle Council
MP3: Yip Yip-Jazz Rats
MP3: Yip Yip-Gender Changers

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  1. key ah nuh says:

    thanks for the seizures, myspace.com

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