So I Guess I Won’t Get Hired At The Atlantic Anytime Soon

Oh, fun day. After checking the daily stats I noticed a bunch of traffic from a place called “The American Scene” so I followed that to see what was going on. Turns out it was nothing but a guy calling me a “bozo” for calling out MGMT a few months back. He thinks they’re funny, I don’t. He thinks I don’t know how to comprehend what I read, I do. He is an associate editor of The Atlantic, I’m not. He is a MGMT fan. ‘Nuff said. So, go ahead Mr. Reihan Salam, and dig the hell out of the latest, dumbest, 21st century frat boy-cum-hipster, eye and ear sore to get a major label cash infusion. Just don’t expect me to take seriously the admonition of an MGMT fan . (I do, however, agree with you that Fletch is pretty terrible and not funny.)

With that stupid business out of the way let’s see what’s going on around here…

Ever since I started 24 Hour Party Pooper about a year or so ago I’ve been blown away by how much great music is coming out of Sweden these days. I’m not kidding. The latest thing to grace me is Robert Church And The Holy Community.
The bands latest release, Le Rouge (its 5th in a year) is out now on Nebraska’s Series Two Records. Previous releases are on Cloudberry and Best Kept Secret. I can’t express how much I love this type of simple, melodically gorgeous pop music that exists somewhere between nostalgia and timelessness. And, oh people of Sweden, how wonderful it must be to live where everyone is beautiful and, seemingly, plays in a pop band.

MP3: Robert Church & The Holy Community-Train To Asia
MP3: Robert Church & The Holy Community- Steve
MP3: Robert Church & The Holy Community-Sunday Love

Final notes:
-Hopefully this week I’ll find the time to post my essay on why for most bands, most of the time, it’s a total waste of money, time and hope to throw thousands of dollars toward a promotional campaign for your record via a promo firm. Not always and not for everybody but mostly and for most.

-Also,Click and hear Michael Stipe giving Athens in general, and Kindercore records in particular, a nice shout out during R.E.M.’s performance at Stubb’s in Austin last week. No music here, just talking.

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