Good Friday

Although some people still think there’s never anything good happening here in Athens the truth is that there’s nearly always something worth your time. Case in point: J Roddy Walston & The Business. By far the best thing to come out of Baltimore in forever, J. Roddy first rocked Athens when they came to town and played to about 7 people (including the bar staff) at the Caledonia. Our mouths literally fell open. Watch the videos and head to The Caledonia tonight.

Also opening this weekend at Athens art theater Cine is Great World Of Sound by director Craig Zobel. He’ll also be in attendance the all weekend doing Q and A at the 7:15 PM screenings and introducing the 9:45 pm screenings (full schedule at bottom of post). Watch the trailers, check out the website and go see it.

Also, I hope you’ve enjoyed the most overwhelmingly positive post 24HPP has hosted in a while.
Happy Easter.


FRI 3/21 – Q&A after the 7:15p and 9:45p shows
SAT 3/22 – Q&A after the 7:15p show – intro before the 9:45p show
SUN 3/23 – Q&A after the 7:15p show – intro before the 9:45p show
SHOW TIMES FRI – TUE 3/21-25: 4:15p 7:15p 9:45p

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