Keith & Andy & Casper

Keith John Adams, Andy From Denver and Casper & The Cookies will play Athens’ Flicker Theater & Bar on Tuesday, April 8.

This is going up today because I want you to have a real chance to listen to the the MP3s before tomorrow. Why? Because Britain’s shining hope Keith John Adams and Andy From Denver will hit Athens as part of their current tour. Sure, Andy lives here year round but since switching from his long-held moniker of Marshmallow Coast (and becoming a one-man band in the process) his shows are pretty must-see for all fans of creative, tasteful pop. Joining them is Daniel Johnston’s favorite band, The Bubbles. But you can call them Casper & The Cookies.

Keith John Adams is an absolutely wonderful showman. Generous, engaging, humorous, charming, blah, blah, blah. He’s a total package. Mike Turner has been a longtime supporter of his and brought him to town several times now. He’s also released two albums by him: Pip (2005) and Unclever (2007). As a special promotion for Unclever Turner held a pre-sale and the deal was that if you sent in twenty bucks or so you’d not only get the album but Keith John Adams would write a song personally for you. Needless to say, people flipped over the idea (Mike even bought one for me as a present. Awww….). Also, I believe that everyone who bought one also received a double-CD featuring all the personal songs. At any rate, I know I got one.

Featured here are four songs from this project and the stories that go with them:

1) Cruise With The Hippies – for Joe Atallah.

A friend of Joe’s convinced him and his wife to go on a music oriented cruise. The friend tried and failed to cajole Joe into working for his porn company. The music was not Joe’s cup of tea – mostly hippie jam bands. There were lots of drugs on board, nothing belonging to Joe though. The cruise left US waters for the Bahamas. On its return those on board were warned illicit substances in their possession should be used or discarded. The mood on the vessel became festive and Joe enjoyed some late night rum with various people. But it seems Joe had a sip of some laced booze without knowing it. He started tripping, tried to get to his room but collapsed on the stairs. He couldn’t understand a thing anyone says and he didn’t recognize his wife, Melissa. He was sedated and put into a straitjacket. He woke in a hospital bed strapped down like a lunatic.

MP3: Keith John Adams-Cruise With the Hippies

2) Colors – for Randy Glazer.

Randy’s children, Harper Lee & Claire have magical powers. Their bedroom has a view from their New York apartment of the Empire State Building. On many nights the E.S.B. is lit in different colors than just white. One night Randy challenged his kids to turn the E.S.B. yellow, blue and green. They concentrated hard and did it! Also at the subway station that takes them to school, Lexington Ave, there’s a squeaky escalator that sounds like an elephant’s roar, so they joke that an elephant lives there.

MP3: Keith John Adams-Colors

3) Caterpillar – for Jason Nesmith

Jason was in a hurry to play Donkey Kong as a child, and rode his bike into a truck. He was taken concussed to hospital. He remembers watching a drama about Marco Polo while recovering. He’d captured a caterpillar and put it in a jar at school days earlier, but because he was off sick his classmates released it, and told him so in their get well cards.

MP3: Keith John Adams-Caterpillar

4) Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Chest – For Fishboy.

(Note: No one would give me the story for this song but Fishboy will be playing my birthday party this year so you can ask them personally.)

MP3: Keith John Adams-Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Chest
and it’s brought to you by…

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