Liz and Lou

Although I’ve never had any particular use for Liz Phair (and remember clearly being completely confused by the endless stream of accolades she received in the early 1990’s) her ‘landmark’ album Exile In Guyville (1993) gets the re-release treatment today. So, I dug out an old copy that I’d not listened to in many years. Maybe it’s perspective or maybe I’m becoming way too soft but dammit if “Fuck And Run” doesn’t now have the same resonance with me as Sebadoh‘s “Brand New Love” did back then. I can think of one person in particular for whom this will read as blasphemy but it’s 5:35 AM and this is what’s on my mind. I’ve now listened to both songs back-to-back a few times over and, yeah, I probably shouldn’t have ignored this as much as I did back then.


Liz Phair:

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1 Response to Liz and Lou

  1. key ah nuh says:

    gordon you’re having some really great epiphanies lately!!!

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