Puzzlin’ Evidence

With all the hoo-ha swarming around The New Yorker‘s cover depicting Barbara and Michael Obama dressed as costume party attendees not one reporter has bothered to notice that the magazine completely swiped the idea from Athens band Cars Can Be Blue who were originally going to call their new album The New Yorker in honor of Jeff Tobias. The band, who’s new album Doubly Unbeatable, is out now on HHBTM Records has never shied away from controversy (but doesn’t invite it, per se) but it’s still a shame to see the whole world debating the merits of a magazine cover concerning a couple of socialites when they could be rocking out to the superstar jams of the Jeff Walls-produced Doubly Unbeatable.

But there’s still more weirdness surrounding the CCBB camp! The first track below is from the bands new album and old-fart punks/Chicago scene know-it-all’s should recognize the band’s song “Coat Tails” as bearing more than a passing resemblance to the 1991 track “Superstar” by Pegboy. However, I can attest most assuredly that this is by accident as I can also attest that neither Nate or Becky from Cars Can Be Blue have ever heard of Pegboy.

All in all, though, both items make for a very weird Wednesday.

MP3: Cars Can Be Blue-Coat Tails
MP3: Pegboy-Superstar

Buy this here.

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