A Different Kind Of Thanksgiving

If you have ever benefited from an 8 hour work day, paid overtime, employer provided health insurance, a guaranteed minimum wage, safer working conditions for a dangerous job or even something as seemingly given as clean, packaged meat you have people to thank for it. So while you’re barbecuing, drinking beer and watching football remember why you have Monday off of work.

MP3: The Dubliners-Joe Hill

MP3: Angelic Upstarts-Solidarity

MP3: Pete Seeger-Talking Union

MP3: Crass-Do They Owe Us A Living?

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1 Response to A Different Kind Of Thanksgiving

  1. Roy says:

    Remember when you were a commie in the eighties, then for years you weren’t, and now you’re a commie again? I love that about you.

    But seriously — anytime anyone makes blanket statements bitching about unions, I remind them about all the things you mentioned.

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