Rare Weekend Update

I never post on the weekend. Except for now. It’s 3:35 AM and I’m deep in the muck of this and decided to break. I also wanted to get some stuff up here before I forgot about it.

First, MGMT only ever wrote one song worth a shit (“Kids”, duh…) and now UK band The Kooks have taken even that away from them. This is one of the only times a cover version is actually better than the original. I almost feel band for MGMT but not really. (For a puke inducing view you can look at this video of the band playing to a crowd of douchebags in douchebag land (i.e a crowd of fratty-hipsters in an Urban Outfitters parking lot). So, here’s to The Kooks for trumping MGMT with their own damn song.

MP3: The Kooks-Kids

-Second, going to YouTube and searching for “Worst Band Ever” will provide hours of hilarious entertainment.

Thing is, though, these kids play with more enthusiasm and attitude than 99.9% of everyone out there.

Hell yeah.

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8 Responses to Rare Weekend Update

  1. Rich says:

    I had to sit through MGMT sets three times when they opened for Of Montreal. Pity me.

  2. mgmt is nothing without hank.

  3. Gordon Lamb says:

    Damn, Headband, thanks for stabbing me in the eye!

  4. karatemedia says:

    Are those kids in middle school? Come on, that right there shields them from being the “worst band ever.” It looks like it’s a school talent show, not some club. Read some of the comments at YouTube for this one. Jesus, even I wouldn’t be such a dick.

    And the YouTube description calls it the worst Nirvana cover ever. Hell, I’m sure some fratboy with an acoustic guitar probably covered “Polly” one night at Sky’s Place, I’d rather see these kids going nuts than suffer through that.

  5. Gordon Lamb says:

    I agree 100%, KM. Which is why I wrote…

    Thing is, though, these kids play with more enthusiasm and attitude than 99.9% of everyone out there.

    Hell yeah.

  6. Gordon Lamb says:

    PS: It’s still funny, though.

  7. h2o says:

    They’re okay but they’re no A Mercy Union….

  8. karatemedia says:

    Johnny G, I was agreeing, not arguing with what you wrote. I was speaking to the concept of the others who think this is the worst band ever. So, um, yeah, we agree. Can we at least agree on that?

    Also, I wouldn’t go saying nice things about A Mercy Union. I hear they don’t respect the intellectual property rights of bass players.

    Sorry I missed you last night, G. I was at the Theatre all night for the Arcs/Liz/Donnie show. Hope you had fun.

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