You may ask yourself…

…how did I get here?

Sometimes too much information is just as bad as no information. Since switching to WordPress I’ve had an awfully fun and dorky time geeking out over the multitude of options available here. Today, though, already reeling from the fact that my sleep schedule for the past month or so has been so jinkety-jank, I was splashed cold in the face with the reality that 24 Hour Party Pooper is full of epic fail.

1) I made the mistake of checking the traffic stats. This is always a decent way to get a virtual pat on the back via the self-delusion that one is actually providing people with good writing and interesting posts and not existing as a temporary stop for people to merely rip MP3s.

2) After feeling satisfied that a goodly amount of folks had been coming here on the regular, especially via search terms, I figured I’d see what they were searching for. I would have felt better if someone had just put me in one of those ugly ass neon No Age t-shirts and made me get a job as a white belt salesman.

The most popular ways people have found 24 Hour Party Pooper is via these search terms:

gordon lamb,hyman roth, “andrew vanwyngarden ” drugs, mgmt synth, young conor oberst,  mgmt synth sounds, bad tracksuit,  tracksuit guy, ben goldwasser drugs,  “a mercy union” athens band, psychedelic party athens, ben goldwasser synthesizer , mgmt band synths,  mgmt spectacular, realistic “perpetual memory loss”, tracksuit old school

Yep, that’s it. The whole of my online cultural contribution lies at the crossroads of “perpetual memory loss” and “bad tracksuit”.


In honor of the above fail please take this from Italian duo The Mojomatics. Easily the best record of last week and maybe the week before, too. I have no idea how long the new album has been out because I stopped paying very close attention to stuff like that toward the end of summer.

MP3: The Mojomatics-Clean My Sins

(PS: Henry, I left the deep link intact just for you. If confused, please see Chunklet 20.)

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