In A New York Monday

After spending over 13 hours at the 40 Watt on Saturday working the Stereolab* show there was really no way I was in any shape to make it to Atlanta last night to see Vivian Girls. Besides, no one has any gas to get there anyway. That said, despite the hype, that Vivian Girls album is incredibly good. So much so I forget that they’re from Brooklyn because they exude none of the half-assed hipster bullshit that grows like a fungus there. (Also, although there’s really no chance of this, Vivian Girls is not to be confused with all the other bands who have identically uncreative names). On the surface they seem so simple but there’s an unintentionally complexity many times to deceptively simple pop.

Pitchfork.TV has a new video up for Vivian Girls’ “Tell The World” . Watch it here. A couple of things that you’ll notice is the eerie similarity (visually speak) to John Fogerty’s “The Old Man Down The Road“, The Go-Go’s “Vacation” and R.E.M.’s “Can’t Get There From Here“. Musically speaking, Vivian Girls’ vocals (and a whole lot of the rhythm) on this track are a dead ringer for The B-52’s “52 Girls“. None of which is to say I find Vivian Girls anything less than totally enjoyable. Just noticing is all.

I still think the best track on the album is “Where Do You Run”.


*Stereolab was as pleasant and friendly as they come.  So easy to please and work with. Absolutely wonderful in every way.

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2 Responses to In A New York Monday

  1. …thanks for the tip on the Vivian Girls…picked up the record yesterday, and it IS wonderful…it overcomes Brooklyn, somehow.

  2. smr says:

    I enjoy the Vivian Girls records, but they were so sloppy at that show and disappointing. It was just an off-night I’m sure.

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