Alternator-tive Rock

Ugh, so I go to the 688/Metroplex reunion show (see below) and it totally ruled. Huge crowd, lots of enthusiasm and the bands were great , too. Further, I had avoided The Masquerade for about the last decade because the staff there was so ruthlessly unpleasant they pretty much ruined any show I went to. I don’t know what changed but last Saturday they were as lovely and accommodating as could be. Really great.

On the drive back to Athens I blew out he alternator in my car and wound up on the side of a very, very dark section of Highway 78. Finally got towed back to Athens but the whole night wound up costing a ton of cash.

So, yeah, I’m exhausted and, now, broke.  And that’s as close to a working class statement I can muster right now.


For a dear old friend who was always nicer to me than I ever deserved:

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