Monday’s Thoughts

1) It’s high time for bands to dump MySpace. It’s a total garbage can with the most worthless “messaging” application ever. Terrible. Just truly awful. I always feel bad directing people to a band’s MySpace account because I know they’ll have to sit and wait forever for the damn thing to load.

2) Bands, please list your first AND last names on anything you would normally put your name on. If you’re looking for press this will help you immensely. Trust me.  Oh, and, you know, people who buy your record might actually like it to.

3) People adding “Hussein” to their name on Facebook is just silly. It’s about as cool as making “Denver Broncos” your middle name (i.e. it makes you seem like a fan rather than a person with a thoughtful perspective).

4) How about some free stuff? Here ya go.

MP3: +/- -Snowblind
MP3:The Smitten-Gumdrops (Buy at iTunes Music Store)
MP3: Ruby Isle-Night Shot (feat. Tay Zonday) (Buy at iTunes Music Store)
MP3: Adam Klein-Nomie Wise (More On This Album
MP3: (Vlad And) The Impalers-Rock n Roll Disease (More On This Album)
MP3:An Epic At Best-Manual Eyes (Buy at iTunes Music Store)

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1 Response to Monday’s Thoughts

  1. kat says:

    Too bad the people who this message is aimed towards are too busy checking their myspace bulletins and adding hussein to their facebook…at least you tried!

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