Twee Has Eaten Itself

I like things that are cute. I like things that are sweet. Particularly, I like sweet pop songs about nice things. Honest, I do. That said, let me talk about a band who embodies every single bad thing that could possibly ever be said about indie-pop, Twee-pop or whatever you want to call that particular brand of over-the-edge, self-consciously cutesy garbage that is the musical equivalent of a college upper classman’s etchings and a bottle of cheap red wine.

Their name is The Boy Least Likely To.

I received this email this week. Highlights are in bold.

In the day and age where album leaks are rampant, our favorite cuddly band, The Boy Least Likely To, was faced with a rather interesting predicament. This past summer (doesn’t summer warmth seem so long ago?) they were ready to entertain our ears and iPods with their adorably titled sophomore album, ‘The Law of the Playground’ but were met with a rather temperamental record label which no longer existed and they and their album were given a time out!

After sitting in the corner and thinking about what they had done (but really, what their non-existent label hadn’t done) they regrouped and are now ready to assault our eardrums with preciousness that only the boy least likely to could conjure up. You know you’re excited for it, and so are we.

Prepare yourself with some milk and cookies as ‘The Law of the Playground’ is coming out on March 3rd through +1 Records (US) and Too Young to Die Records (UK). The album is nothing short of twee perfection with the usual suspects ( glockenspiels, banjos, fiddles and recorders) that will fill you with joy when winter is really starting to get to you.

But not to fret, the band of children who never seemed to grow up are contributing to the holiday season with a single called ‘the first snowflake’ which will be available for your listening pleasure on December 15th which you can currently stream at

‘The Law of the Playground’ tracklisting:

1) saddle up

2) balloon on a broken string

3) when life gives me lemons i make lemonade

4) i box up all the butterflies

5) the boy with two hearts

6) stringing up conkers

7) the boy least likely to is a machine
8 whiskers
9) every goliath has its david

10) the nature of the boy least likely to

11) i keep myself to myself

12) the worm forgives the plough

13) a fairytale ending

Go check out their stupid new record if you want. I say fuck them and the and Cadbury Creme Egg they rode in on. This is just insulting. (Yeah, it’s the Christmas season. No, I’m not a Grinch. )

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2 Responses to Twee Has Eaten Itself

  1. Pierre says:

    Dude, you *are* a grinch. Their first album was actually surprisingly good, and I’m looking forward to hearing their new one. They toured the states a couple of years ago, but screwed it all by bypassing small venues for midsize ones, thereby losing all chances to get a wider fanbase.

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    Nope, sorry, Pierre. This was puke inducing.

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