And we’re back.

putonshopI’ve been slammed busy for the past couple of weeks but now with nothing, really, to do except keep myself busy with various projects I want to do (as opposed to have-to-do) we’re back.

As Mike Turner would say, this is an announcement of an announcement.

Around his time of year, every year, without fail, everyone makes up “best of” lists which tend to be more of a shopping guide than any real critical assessment of the records from the past 12 months. Because I’m cranky and tend to fall regularly into the contrarian column let me just say you won’t see any of that around here. What you will see, though, is a list of the WORST records of the year. A “do not buy” list, if you will. But that’s for later.

For now, let me clean out my in-box by providing you with a veritable truck load of deep linked, promo MP3s. None of which will receive any critical commentary and it should not be assumed by their inclusion here that I endorse any of them. Except for that Homosexuals track. You should grab that one. I’ve just got them laying around and thought you’d like ’em Whatever, dude. They’re FREE!

See ya tomorrow.

MP3: Kicksville-Surrender

MP3: The Homosexuals-Slow Guns

MP3: The Phantom Band-Folk Song Oblivion

MP3: We Landed On The Moon-The Night Was Open

MP3: Chop Chop-Northern Armies

MP3: Jenny Lewis-Acid Tongue

MP3: Clare & The Reasons-Nowhere

MP3: Conor Oberst-Danny Callahan

MP3: Quitzow-What Time Is It?

MP3: Setting Sun-They’re Calling

MP3: Surf City-Headin’ Inside

MP3: ph10-BK United

MP3: The Faint-Geeks Were Right

MP3: Benji Hughes-You Stood Me Up

MP3: Luke Jackson-Come Tomorrow

I’ll be loading you up with stuff for the rest of the year, too. So prepare to get right-clicky.

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2 Responses to And we’re back.

  1. Kathy says:

    what do you think of Neko Case? She has a new record coming out in ’09 called “Middle Cyclone”.

    It’s going to be good.

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    I think Neko Case is boring as hell.

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