More Looking Glass Jams

kinglp1Another old favorite. Contrary to rumor, I always had a significant interest/abiding affection  in/for this type of hair-based, psuedo-glam, multi-genre pop music. I rode my bike (illustrative purposes only; this is not my personal bike. Just the same model) over 5 miles one way to buy this album after first seeing this in the summer of 1984 which is  still more hardcore than getting your mom to buy you a Minor Threat t-shirt at Hot Topic so bug right off.

“Live” version of “Love and Pride” from Top Of The Pops in 1985. Yeah, they’re lip syncing.

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2 Responses to More Looking Glass Jams

  1. Karate Media says:

    Jesus. I’d not seen the Hot Topic MT shirt before — WTF??? Another Hot Topic rip-off shirt, or is Ian actually licensing this stuff to HT? You are not what you own, unless you buy it at a shitty mall store…

  2. Gordon says:

    Pretty sure it’s a rip off.

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