patton40watt_lgOK, yeah, everyone has seen this clip of Patton Oswalt speaking about life in Athens, GA. I’m only posting it here in honor of his sold-out appearance in town tonight. What’s hilarious to me is when he says you gotta get out of Athens by age 35 or stay here forever. No problem at all. This is the best place on Earth. Many thanks to Mr. Henry for bringing him to town again.

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  1. h2o says:

    You know what, Gordo? I’m just glad people come out! The first couple shows he did in town were to VERY small, yet EXTREMELY rabid crowds. There’ve been a couple odd shows (the one we filmed for Sub Pop comes to mind immediately) where the crowds were total assholes, but the show this past week was a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks for the support.

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