Like My Very Own

franklin_trees_01Anyone that has slogged through the garbage can of MySpace over the past few years can attest that there’s almost no chance in hell of you ever wanting to actually listen to any band that wants to be your “friend”. I guess I was feeling generous the other day, though, when I actually bothered to listen to a group that sent me one of those “Hey, maybe you’ll like our music” messages. Thankfully, these type of things have kind of dried up since I stopped checking the site regularly. Yeah, you try to navigate that hell hole of a click factory. Exactly.

Anyway, it was a band named Wrapping Paper and they’re from Saint Paul, MN. They’ve got an EP (Hold Up The Neon Sign)out on the Borrowdeer label and even though that came out almost a year ago they’re still doing a special thing whereby if you buy a copy they’ll write a song just for you. And, so far, the songs written for fans are, for the most part, as good as the stuff they’ve written for themselves albeit completely acoustic. (They’ve made a separate page for these songs HERE.)

The band works a blurry line between melodic post-punk and early Paisley Underground stuff. Just try to listen to ” Hold Up The Neon Sign” without recalling, for a moment, The 3 O’Clock‘s “Jet Fighter”. OK, maybe you can do it but I couldn’t.

I really need to dig deeper into this band’s songs before I can write anything more substantial. But I had to make mention of them here. Even though they’re the type of band that conjures up feelings of having found a private treasure all for myself I want to tell everyone how good I think they are. So, yeah, MySpace is still a pit but every now and again…

MP3: Wrapping Paper-Hold Up The Neon Sign

MP3: Wrapping Paper-One Time Stick Up Guy

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